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Welcome to Falcon Eyelab

Falcon Eyelab is one of the most Quality, Efficient and Contemporary provider of Optical Services in South Africa. We offer reliable, integrated and cost-effective solutions Nation-Wide.


With 9 years experience our responsive client service culture we ensure that we meet or exceed our clients expectations continuously.


Falcon Eyelab is becoming one of South Africa’s preferred leading Mini-Optical Lab providers. We exist to serve our clients and are committed to fulfill their requirements.


We are proud of our high service standards and the quality of our workmanship. Our integrity and openness is evident in all our business dealings and in the behaviour of our staff.


Team Work is our prime asset. Every employee puts our core values into action in every job at hand. This has led to a company culture centered on learning, teamwork and mutual accountability, and has enabled us to deliver added value to each of our clients.


Our core values and company culture guide us forward so that we continually provide consistent and reliable services of a high quality.

Tel: 011 397 3795  |  011 397 3797  |  Address: Unit 12 Lakeview Industrial Park, 39 Malcolm Moodie Crescent, Jet Park

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